Rain, a trickle, a drip, a tickle,

soothing my mind, my pulse, my body,

cleansing the earth, hot skin, the sidewalk,

misty and clear, windows, the air,

my eyes…

see heat waves in the aftermath of the storm.


Rain, shiny glare, humid tar, and mirages,

crystal drops, on leaves, in the grass,

my hair…

falls in the heat, my shirt sticks,

and kids splash puddles in the pavement.

4 thoughts on “Rain

    1. I have…but never figured a publisher would look twice at them. I suppose self-publishing is an option but I have no idea where to begin. Thank you again, Randy. You are the first person to suggest a poetry book.

      1. Well I know a little something about it. Why not get material together and when you think u have a book, it’s easy to self-publish. Easier than the writing. We should talk some day, because I like your imagery a lot.

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