The wind is blowing,

like an angry god

huffing his resentment.

A storm is brewing.

The flame by which

I write is flickering

in a subtle draft,

I linger over my memories

as I explore my craft.

Words flow freely in

the gentle light,

capturing them before

they escape in

the billowing dark.

The ideas I inscribe

until I get it right,

I am spurred on

through the howling



6 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. I’ve returned a couple of times to reread. I often have to do that with poetry – mainly because poetry has the capacity to change the way it touches you under differing circumstances. Interestingly enough, I like this even better each time I’ve read it, so I thought I should let you know that, because I think it is communicating quite successfully well. I especially love the last several lines because I completely relate. I’m not very good at critiquing poetry, and this obviously doesn’t need that anyway, but I do know what touches something in me, so…

    1. Thank you again Randy! I am glad this poem got inside of you and touched your soul. It feels incredibly good when someone else sees your vision, feels your emotion, gets where you are coming from. Every word I write comes from the heart, as do yours, so you know what I mean. If I touch just one person with a poem, then I have done what I set out to do. Plus if I didn’t get the words out I’d probably explode. 🙂

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